Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The bright vivid colors of Peacock Feathers and the unique eyespot design strategically placed on each feather draws me in to their elegance, beauty and simplicity. I set out to design a printable party set to showcase all three of these. I found a charming Peacock designed by Clipartland and coordinated the design into a printable party set. I used a local cookie vendor, Sweets on The Side, who made cookies that matched perfectly with the printable party set.  All came together beautifully with the Peacock theme. I captured the details by photographing this styled set up and enjoyed every moment of it!

Photography – Feather Snell
Concept & Style - Printable Parties to Go
Peacock and Feather Designs – Clipartland
Printable Party Set - Printable Parties to Go
Cookies – Sweets on The Side
Backdrop – Zazzle.com

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bride of Frankenstine

A Fun Bride of Frankenstine I designed and styled a couple of years ago! I still make time with my busy schedule to design parties and style them. You can also shop in my store 24/7 or message me if you need something. All my designs are available for you to Download, Print, Cut and Assemble.www.etsy.com/shop/printablepartiestogo