Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cupid's Candy Shoppe - Superchicks Kandy Kone™ Challenge

I am so delighted to be a participant in the Superchickland Kandy Kone™ Contest and I love the Kandy Kones that Genevieve, from Superchickland, designed for me to use during this challenge.  
The Challenge in Genevieve's own words:

The Challenge Deets!
1 ~ Challengers were asked to INCLUDE 6 custom Kandy Kones in a VDay themed display!
2 ~ They were asked to FILL their kones creatively!
3~ And MOST IMPORTANTLY, they were asked to STYLE their kones in a unique, imaginative, trend setting way!
I absolutely enjoy going into old fashioned candy shoppes, so I came up with the idea of Cupid's Candy Shoppe for the styling challenge.  The Kandy Kones that Genevieve made were the perfect complement to my candy shoppe theme. 
The Kandy Kone display piece that I chose to use is a red and white striped plastic popcorn container, which I purchased at Target a short time ago.  I covered the "Popcorn" lettering on the plastic container with red and white polka dot ribbon.  The Kandy Kones themselves are inserted into an iridescent glittered styrofoam base that I placed into the plastic popcorn container. The glitter was glued onto the styrofoam for an extra sparkly touch.  I found red and white pearlized Sixlets at a local candy shoppe, 42nd St and Co.  I was thrilled, because the roundness of the Sixlets coordinated perfectly with my red and white polka dot ribbon. I placed clear plastic shot glasses into the Kandy Kones so the candy could be easily refilled and to protect them from getting damaged.  I added my final touch to the Kandy Kone™ display with a custom designed Cupid Kandy Kones sign.

Click on any image below to see enlarged photos!

Glittered Styrofoam Base
 Kandy Kone Display

Table Setup


Heart Shaped Marshmallows


Candy Buttons

Bubble Gum Tubes

Heart Shaped Sucker Rings

Hot Tamales


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