Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The Beaver is thought to be the Original Lumberjack. They use powerful front teeth to cut trees that they use for building and for food. I set out to design a printable party set to acknowledge the Beaver as a Lumberjack. I found a charming Beaver designed by Clipartland and coordinated the design into a printable party set using the Lumberjack print design from the Little Liama Shoppe. I asked a local cookie artist, Sister Teresa's Custom Cut Cookies, to bake and design cookies to match the printable party set. The cookies match and printable party set came together perfectly. I captured the details by photographing this styled printable party set and couldn't be happier with the outcome. 

 Photography – Feather Snell 
Concept & Style - Printable Parties to Go 
Beaver Design – Clipartland 
Lumberjack Design - Little Llama Shoppe 
Printable Party Set - Printable Parties to Go 
Cookies – Sister Teresa's Custom Cut Cookies

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